Treatment Information


For appointments, questions and in case of emergency please contact us by phone or mail, we will answer as soon as possible.

Michaela Zorzi, MD
+43 650 8794974

Anna-Teresa Zorzi, MD
+43 650 3641231

Magdalena Zorzi, MD
Mobile: +43 650 4437519

Flexible appointments: morning, noon and evening consultations are possible. Homevisits and online appointments on request.

Costs & Conditions

The first appointment will last about 90 min for adults, 60 min for children. The follow-ups will last about 45 min for all ages.
Appointments which cannot be kept, please cancel by phone or email at least 24 hours before.

Payment conditions: cash or by bank transfer.
Please ask for the consultation fees when arranging the appointment. There should be nobody excluded from homeopathic treatment because of social reasons. We try to find a solution.

General advice


In general 5-10 minutes before and after dissolving the globuli in the mouth no food, no drinks should disturb the intake.


The effectiveness of the remedy does not depend on the number of globuli you take in. Take about 5 globuli.


Pay attention to the arranged frequency of intake: it is important for the healing effect.