About homeopathy as a healing method

In a healthy person mind, soul and body are well-balanced. Healthy people live in harmony with themselves and their environment. From the point of procreation, during pregnancy and birth as well as during their entire life human beings are exposed to influences which can unbalance them like scales. Both emotional burdens like anxiety, grief, conflicts, inner loneliness and tensions with their immediate environment as well as physical problems such as malnutrition, pathogenic germs, changes of weather and a good deal more can cause imbalance.
So each person develops an individual disease pattern, which will be compared by the homeopathically skilled physician with a homeopathic remedy picture, which had been proved by healthy individuals with a substance of nature.

The more similar the pattern of the proved substance and the pattern of the patient´s disease or unbalance are the better this remedy will work.

Acute diseases will improve remarkably within hours or days.

Homeopathic treatment started in early changes of the mental state or bodily functions can provide development of severe chronic diseases, which often are unnoticeable with conventional medicine diagnostic methods.

The treatment of chronic diseases, which often develop over many years requires the patience by the physician and the patient to walk a path together, which at best can lead to a cure. If no complete recovery is possible at least the patient´s mental , emotional and bodily state can be strengthened by homeopathic treatment.

The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies has been proved and documented over a period of more than 200 years and is a daily certainty for every homeopathic physician. If the current database of clinical trials and homeopathic research is of interest to you, follow the link to www.carstens-stiftung.de

The mode of action of the highly diluted and potentiated remedies cannot yet be determined by current methods of science. The latest hypotheses are discussing a transfer of information from the remedy to the organism with the globuli providing the data. The law of similarity could have an interesting correspondence with latest research in mirror neurons.

VIDEO: Homöopathie und Schulmedizin – sinnvolles Miteinander

(Homeopathy and school medicine in compliance)

Event:Homöopathie und Schulmedizin – sinnvolles Miteinander (in Kooperation mit der Ärztekammer für Wien / im Naturhistorischen Museum)
Title:Welcome & Introduction
Lecturer:Michaela Zorzi, MD
Duration:08:28 min.