Magdalena Zorzi, MD


General practitioner
EU-Certification in homeopathy
Certification in Emergency Medicine

Hietzinger Hauptstraße 34 B
A – 1130 Vienna

Mobile: +43 6504437519

Born in Vienna in 1988
1998-2006 Highschool at the Kollegium Kalksburg Vienna
2006-2007 residence in London, England to improve language skills
2007-2013 studies of medicine in Vienna
August 2010 medical internship in Taipei, Taiwan
2010-2013 qualification in homeopathy (ÖGHM)
2014-2017 clinical education and degree as a general practitioner at the Landesklinikum Mistelbach, Lower Austria
2017 degree as a emergency physician
2018 Austrian degree in homeopathy
Since February 2018 general practitioner at the department for genecology and obstetrics Landesklinikum Mistelbach
September 2018 start of qualification in psycho-social medicine
2018 opening a private medical practice in Vienna, 13th district

Since 2010 repeated visits of psychotherapy sessions to increase self-awareness und insight about my persona. Continuous further education in homeopathy.


2013 Participation in research (trituration) of new plant remedies in Madagascar with a group of homeopaths under the direction of Jan Scholten
2016 Research (trituration) of new plant remedies in Costa Rica